Asia Rregional Training Programme 2020. ICH Conflict Managemement Series- Module I

15.10.2020 Laura

Prevention and administration of social andenvironmental conflicts in Hydropower Development
– Asia Regional -
23–27 November 2020
ICH Conflict Management Series – Remote – MODULE I

The electricity industry faces a number of challenges,
including balancing between achieving business
objectives and sustaining meaningful relationships
with impacted communities, state entities, and other
The conflict of interests among stakeholders may
result in points of disagreement, resistance, or
opposition. In some cases, conflicts can lead to
violence and adversely affect not only the fulfilment
of a company’s goals, but also the renewable energy
policies of a country.
ICH’s Conflict management training series in Asia
region joins forces with IFC Asia ESG Advisory for
this virtual training delivery.

The objective 

To provide participants
with fundamental knowledge of triggers of
conflict and the impact of conflict on project development.
The course will include real world examples
and examine underlying issues and lessons learned that
can be applied in project planning.
The course will pivot towards Asia and will focus on
resettlement as a central theme.

This course is a foundation course with in-person
training expected to be delivered in South East
Asia Region, in 2021.

• Origins of conflict in the renewable energy industry
• The need for meaningful public participation
• The unique risks linked to resettlement
• Indigenous People in Asia – current issues
• Conflict prevention
• Conflict analysis
• Project management in conflict
• Community health and conflict


The course is aimed at professionals with a minimum of five years of experience in the hydropower or renewable energy sector including power companies, ministries, authorities, NGOs, relevant private enterprises, and others working with energy project planning in complex social environments requiring knowledge of stakeholder management.
Executives of power companies, ministries, water resource and energy agencies, and relevant private sector enterprises with management responsibility or influence on project planning will also benefit from this course.

Application deadline
6th November 2020



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