Operation and Maintenance – From Strategy to Execution - AFRICA 2020

01.10.2020 Carole

PART I - ONLINE Week 51 | Date: 14–18 December, 2020 | Application deadline: 2 November 2020 

Registration fee: $500 USD | Fees includes course materials - Part 1-ONLINE

Well maintained and efficiently operated hydropower facilities can increase energy production and significantly improve income and business results.
Developing robust O & M strategies and practices are key to ensuring the longevity of a hydropower facility.

These strategies and practices can only be successfully implemented if utility personnel are well trained and informed.

Scheduling, planning and tracking of Operation and Maintenance work can 

significantly improve efficiency of O & M and production capacity. 


The main objective of this training is to give the participants a thorough understanding of the concepts of operation and maintenance of hydropower plants with best practice practical examples.

Joining the course presents an opportunity to learn about maintenance planning for the short and long term thus being able to take necessary actions in due time which can significantly improve efficiency of O&M and production capacity.
The course aims to facilitate participants with the capacity to identify performance indicators that support the maintenance decision-making process, thus develop solid internal condition assessment tools so as to gain consistency within their Power plants.

  • Operations and Maintenance fundamentals
  • Maintenance strategies - planning and scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • HSSE - Theory and practice
  • Pandemic planning - Transitioning from ERP
  • Maintenance optimization
  • Energy management
  • Managing O & M
  • Hydropower asset management
  • Future of hydropower - sustainability, new technologies, standards and standardization


Experience shows that money put into good operation and

maintenance programmes results in more power production than the same

amount of money put into new production capacity.


This online course is Part 1 of the 2-part O&M series.

To successfully complete the training, it is recommended that participants attending Part-1 should enrol and attend***Part 2 of the course planned to be hosted in Mozambique in 2021. 

***Part 2 will comprise a physical training workshop session, and continuation of the online course. Presentations will be on reflective case studies and practical exercises including a comprehensive technical site visit to a power plant.
Part I – 14-18 November 2020
This part of the course will be conducted online using lectures and interactive webinars.
***Part II – 2021 - enrolment and attendance required 
***Part 2 will comprise a physical training workshop session, and continuation of the online course and presentation of reflective case studies and practical exercises including a comprehensive technical site visit. 

The course is aimed at Engineers and technicians with experience from and current positions in large hydropower plants in Africa.

Technical staff, Management and those engaged in planning, implementation and follow-up on maintenance activities in existing power plants will also benefit from this training.

  • A relevant background in hydropower engineering or its equivalent
  • Proficiency in English is necessary
  • Basic computer skills and internet access

Please ensure your application is received no later than the given deadline – 2nd November 2020.
Notice of admission will be given shortly after the application closing date.

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