Advanced Revenue Protection Management in the 21st Century - AFRICA 2020

03.07.2020 Carole

PART I - ONLINE Week 32 | Date: 3– 7 August, 2020 | Application deadline: 3 July 2020 

Part II - WORKSHOP Week 8 | Date: 22-26 February 2021 | UGANDA 

Registration fee: 1.000 USD |

This course will be presented in 2-parts


This combined online and classroom training of the Advanced Revenue Protection Management presents a comprehensive introduction to Revenue Protection Management in the 21st Century in the Power Distribution sector with special focus on revenue protection principles, pandemic planning and how utilities should prepare for the TID rollover. Different challenges
have been identified, and based on that, a number of remedial measures have been suggested for revenue protection.


The main objective of this combined 2-part training is to help participants contribute to the improvement of the overall efficiency of the power distribution sector.

PART 1     ONLINE (3–7 August 2020)

This part of the course will be conducted online using lectures and interactive webinars. This will also include an expose on potential of stimulus funding packages, such as the package from the African Development Bank and APUA, and mechanisms on how best the funds can be tapped in during and post COVID-19 to ensure business continuity and sustainability for utilities and Centres of Excellence.


1. Introduction to Revenue Protection Management in the 21st Century - Sustainable revenue protection

2. Sustaining Utility Operations in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic - Pandemic planning & preparedness

3. TID Rollover - Significance of the TID and how best to transition (Challenges & Solutions)

PART 2     WORKSHOP (22–26 February 2021)

A workshop session and continuation of the online course will be hosted in Uganda in 2021, where feedback on case studies for revenue protection management will be presented from selected African utilities. Case studies have been made to reflect on the viability of the revenue loss reduction techniques, pandemic preparedness and TID rollover plans which have been implemented in other utilities. This will provide further strategy to revenue protection and metering staff.


Case Studies
1. Extensive case study on TID Rollover
2. Post COVID-19 recovery and survival strategies – best practice from utilities represented by course participants
3. Management of metering testing facilities – installation, operation, and control procedures
4. Case study on revenue loss reduction techniques


Utility Commercial Managers, Billing Managers, Metering Managers and Engineers, Accounts and Finance Managers involved in revenue aspects, Revenue Protection Managers, Revenue Collection/Credit Managers, Regional Utility Managers and Customer Service Managers.

Advanced Revenue Protection Management in the 21st Century

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