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Adopted at the Constituent General Meeting of ICH, October 14, 1995.

Revisions of April 15, 1996.

Last revisjons on April 11, 1997


§ 1       Objective

The International Centre for Hydropower (ICH) is an association whose objective is to act as a joint international forum for industry and institutions in the field of hydropower and related areas. The Centre supports the hydropower industry by gathering, developing and marketing knowhow on environmental, technological, economic and administrative aspects of hydropower.

§ 2       Activities

Recognising that hydropower is an integral aspect of  the global energy supply and hydrological resources management, the Centre will seek to fulfil its objectives in the following areas by developing courses, organizing meetings, seminars and conferences, publishing information material, exerting influence on the authorities and via other relevant means of disseminating knowledge:

·           Technical planning

·           Nature and the environment

·           Economics and financing

·           Socioeconomics

·           Management.

Regularly updated development plans will form the basis of ICH’s activities and priorities.

§ 3       Membership

Membership of the Centre is open to all Norwegian and international companies, public-sector bodies and institutions that deal with questions relating to the utilization of hydropower energy in industry, energy and environmental management and power supply.


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§ 4       Organs

The organs of the Centre are the General Meeting, Board and Electoral Committee.

The business of the Centre is managed by the Board and a Managing Director.

§ 5       General Meeting

A General Meeting is held when the Board finds it appropriate to do so, or when at least five members so request, and at least once a year by the end of May. At least fourteen days written notice of a General Meeting is given.

The General Meeting is chaired by the chairman of the Board.

The General Meeting deals with the following topics:

a)         The report of the Board on the activities of ICH since the previous general meeting

b)         The audited accounts.

c)         Election of members of the Board, and of their personal deputies.

d)         Election of chairman and vice-chairman of the Board.

e)         Election of Electoral Committee.

f)         Setting of the regular level of subscriptions for following year.

g)         Any changes in the Statutes of the Centre.

h)         Instructions to the Electoral Committee and any changes in them.

i)          Any matters arising, as mentioned in the notice of meeting.

All members have identical voting rights at the meeting.

Decisions are reached by simple majority voting of those members represented at the meeting.

Changes in the Statutes require a 2/3 majority of the votes of those members represented at the meeting.

§ 6       The Electoral Committee

The Electoral Committee consists of three members, who should be appointed in such a way as to take into account as wide a range of interests as possible.

The Committee makes recommendations regarding the membership of the Board.

The members of the Committee are elected for a period of four years.

The Committee elects its own chairman.

§ 7       The Board

The Board consists of five members and an equal number of personal deputies. At least three members and their personal deputies must be Norwegian. The members of the Board function until the first General Meeting that is held more than two years from their date of election. Members of the Board and their deputies may be re-elected.

§ 8       Functions of the Board

Meetings of the Board are called by the chairman, or in his absence by the vice-chairman, as often as necessary. The Board makes decisions on all matters of importance to ICH, such as:

·           drawing up the overall objectives of the activities of ICH, and ensuring that these develop along   the lines set out by the objectives

·           appointing a managing director, and determining his conditions of employment and range of         duties

·           signing cooperative agreements with appropriate institutions in <st1:country-region w:st="on">Norway</st1:country-region> and other countries

·           appointing the working groups and committees that are needed to carry out the professional          activities of the Centre, and drawing up mandates for them

·           making decisions on new members in accordance with § 3

·           setting reduced subscription rates in special cases for members from developing countries

·           approving the budget

·           submitting audited accounts

·           allocating the resources available to the Centre in such a way as will best serve its interests.

Board decisions are reached by simple majority voting. In the case of a tied vote, the vote of the chairman (or vice-chairman) decides the issue.

§ 9       Managing director

The managing director of ICH is in charge of the administration of the Centre, prepares matters for the Board and implements its decisions.

The managing director is responsible for proposing plans for the operation and development of the Centre’s activities, in accordance with the Statutes of ICH and the overall objectives set out by the Board.

§ 10     Financing

All members of ICH pay a subscription, which is due for payment annually in advance. The subscription is a contribution to the running expenses of the Centre.

In addition the Centre will cover its expenditure by charging for its services and via dividends from subsidiary companies. Such companies may be established in order to run projects and activities with their own budgets, and which in a taxation context would be regarded as involving a financial return.

§ 11     Termination of membership

Membership of the Centre may be terminated by members, by giving at least three months notice. Paid-up subscriptions will not be refunded.

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