Regional Workshop on Revenue Protection Management and Prevention of Vandalism

14.06.2018 Carole Rosenlund

Mozambique | Week 31 | Date: 30th July – 4th August | Application deadline: 30th June 2018 | Registration fee: USD$ 1000

Energy theft and vandalism on utility infrastructure are more common than most think. Both vices cost consumers billions of dollars every year the world over. It is therefore a strategic imperative that organizations establish revenue protection programs as well as measures to curb vandalism. This workshop is aimed at sensitizing all relevant personnel on best practices in revenue protection management as well as infrastructure theft and vandalism prevention with the view to
prevent loss of revenue, lives and property.

This ‘how-to’ regional workshop for Africa provides tools to identify customer fraud and billing errors applicable to both large and small utilities as well as modern-day strategies to fight and protect utility infrastructure against theft and vandalism.

The workshop focuses on minimizing revenue losses in Utilities by providing solutions against pilfering, theft, fraud, misallocation and misappropriation of revenue as well as the education of the role players to implement effective counter-measures.

It also introduces utility personnel to the information they need and the resources required for them to identify
threats and vulnerabilities to utility infrastructure as well as actions needed to reduce or prevent theft and vandalism of utility infrastructure.

At the end of the training programme, course participants shall be able to:
• Establish a revenue protection program
• Conduct revenue loss detection audits
• Conduct theft and fraud investigations
• Recover lost revenues
• Implement new Procedures, Policies and Standards
• Curb utility infrastructure theft and vandalism

• Overview of the different revenue protectionprocesses and phases
• Identification of reasons for losses through effective auditing processes
• Tamper detection skills development
• Remedial actions and investigation processes
• Guidelines to effective data cleansing and analyticalprocesses
• Understanding the different Laws, Standards, Policies and Procedures
• Introduction to new technology and smart solutions
• Overview of revenue protection best practices
• Equipment and technologies vulnerable to theft and vandalism
• Threats from theft and vandalism to utility infrastructure
• Commonly used methods and schemes for theft and vandalism
• Measures for protecting against theft and vandalism to utility infrastructure
• Quality guidelines and best practices

Meter shop supervisors, customer service managers, utility investigators, security personnel in power generation,
transmission and distribution utilities, water utilities, manufacturing companies, mining sector, government ministries, NGO’s, educational & research institutions, security wings and other suitably qualified personnel dealing with revenue and vandalism issues.

Participants are expected to arrive in Maputo on 29th July and leave no earlier than Saturday 4th August. Information on travel, detailed course programme and other relevant information will be sent to all selected participants in due course.

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